"New Mexico Love" Monthly T-Shirt Subscription

"New Mexico Love" Monthly T-Shirt Subscription

$18.99 a month.

Do you love super soft unique tees?
If so then you will love our "New Mexico Love" T-Shirt Monthly Subscription.
Enjoy a full custom t-shirt in your closet every month.

(Each month you get a Custom New Mexico style t-shirt.)

Our "New Mexico Love" Monthly T-Shirt Subscription is a monthly subscription with handpicked, soft tees, all designed by Sarah. Our t-shirts feature super soft fabrics, unique and fun designs and a super comfortable fit. We’re only printing these for our Subscribers within our subscription t-shirt club!

With your subscription, you’ll receive one unique tee each month for $18.99
This is a monthly subscription. Your first charge will be at the time of subscription sign-up. Then ongoing each month until skipped or cancelled. You will receive your t-shirt 5 to 7 days after payment posts.

There is no commitment. You can cancel anytime. Or you have the option to skip each month. Please note – cancellation requests must be received 14 days before your billing date or you will be charged for the following month.