Our Company Overview

I am a Clothing 🀍 Designer and a maker of All Things.
I create Custom T-Shirts πŸ¦‹ Earrings πŸ¦‹ Tumblers πŸ¦‹ Special Requests πŸ¦‹ and T-shirt Memberships πŸ¦‹
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I specialize in Direct to garment printing, Direct to film transfers, Sublimation printing, Viynl designs custom tumblers and custom earrings. Our very own collections and custom requests are welcome on all what's offered in my business.
My custom t-shirt are proudly made in New Mexico - perfect for birthdays, memorials, games, holidays or any kind of family event.
Whether you're looking for a special order item or just something comfortable and stylish to wear every day of my very own stunning website designs– I have you covered!Β